Taste of China in Canning Vale: A Guide to Exquisite Dining

Chinese restaurants Canning Vale

With a rich blend of Cantonese, Szechuan and modern fare, Canning Vale offers some of Perth’s most mouthwatering and authentic Chinese restaurants just minutes from home. From the perfect soup dumplings and crispy Peking duck to the fiery Mapo tofu and succulent whole steamed fish, these local establishments deliver intricate regional flavors sure to impress the most discerning palates.

This guide covers Chinese restaurants Canning Vale and what signature dishes shine at each to help match your cravings. With such an array of high-quality dim sum, noodle bowls, roast meats and seafood to choose from, your next exceptional Chinese meal is closer than you thought.

Jasmine Tea House – Renowned Yum Cha Nearby

Widely considered Chinese restaurants Canning Vale premium destination for traditional trolley service dim sum, Jasmine Tea House offers a bustling weekend Yum Cha scene marked by steaming bamboo baskets of Shanghai soup dumplings, har gow shrimp dumplings, sweets like egg tarts and chef specialties joining mainstay offerings. Their expansive dining room accommodates larger groups while still maintaining charming, attentive service. Beyond weekend dim sum, customizable multi-course banquet menus make Jasmine Tea House Canning Vale’s choice for special occasions.

Peninsula Chinese Restaurant – Modern Elegance

Set within the Peninsula Golf Course, Peninsula Chinese Restaurant couples stunning views with contemporary-styled Cantonese dishes – including one of Perth’s best Peking duck presentations with traditional accompaniments. Beyond dramatic table-side carvings, standouts like wok-seared Wagyu tenderloin Cantonese-style and lobster noodle bowls blend classic Chinese ingredients with artful plating. With an extensive wine list befitting its upscale ambiance, Peninsula delivers refined Chinese fare worthy of centerpiece meals.

Happy Garden – Best Casual Late Night Eats

For piping hot soups, quick fried noodles and savory roast meats at neighborhood prices, Happy Garden offers Canning Vale’s top spot for casual Chinese fare into the late hours. Specializing in Cantonese and Malaysian menu staples like Hainan chicken rice bowls, Char Kway Teow noodles and claypot soups brimming with ingredients, Happy Garden’s efficient counter service and menu flexibility makes it ideal for everything from no fuss takeaway to late night family dinners.

Xiang Chinese Restaurant – Standout Regional Dishes

Serving inheritance recipes hailing from Hong Kong and Guangxi province, Xiang Chinese captures nuanced specialties seldom seen locally like pickled longevity chicken and steaming bowls of feathered meat and dried bean curd soup. Beyond rare regional signature dishes, Xiang’s defining flavors like smoked tea duck, house made XO sauce topping tender greens and wok burnt rice plates offer adventurous eaters a taste of new traditional Chinese cooking styles within Canning Vale.

With such an amazing array of high-quality Chinese restaurants nearby in Canning Vale, sating any variety of regional cuisine cravings now only requires a short drive. From the area’s best yum cha spreads to late night counter service to elevated dining, finding your new favorite authentic Chinese eatery starts by sampling the diverse flavors at your doorstep.

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