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Indian food in Perth

Where to Eat Best Indian Food In Perth

The only word that pops up in everyone’s mind after hearing about Indian food is ‘love,’ love for every Indian food item. However, things become a bit challenging for people who have migrated to foreign countries as they are unable to get the taste of authentic Indian food on their tongues. Just for the sake of Indian food, people get ready to pay the demanded price.

Finding a favorable Indian food restaurant in foreign places is a challenge for every Indian food lover. However, this problem can be solved for people living in or near Perth, and the accurate answer to this is Delhi6. 

At Delhi6, you can find almost every dish included in the authentic Indian cuisine and that too with the exact flavors you prefer. In the past few years, Delhi6 has built up a stronghold among all its competitors, and all this has been possible due to our premium services and remarkable food. 

Why Delhi6?

Our variety

Not every Indian food restaurant in a foreign country can make you available with every Indian dish as Delhi6. Our expert team of chefs is always ready to serve their part by preparing almost every Indian food item you wish for. However, if you want your experience with Indian food to be extraordinary, you are suggested to try our specialty, that is chole bhature, and end up with the perfect sweet dish, that is gajar pak. 

Unique taste

Indian food dishes are available in almost every region and country in this world, still, people stick to particular Indian food restaurants, and all this is because of their uniqueness. Without uniqueness, there would be no difference between other restaurants and Delhi6. To get to know about our specialty or uniqueness, it would be best if you taste our chow mein, tilla kulfi, gajar pak, and many more dishes whose taste no other chef can copy. 


Our team of staff and chefs has always followed the acts of hospitality to showcase the culture and heritage followed by the citizens of India. This has helped us attract thousands of customers till now, and we still maintain a strong bond with them. Every customer visiting our restaurant is provided with a warm welcome and received in the heartiest way. 


Affordability is an element that every individual desire, be it a foreign country or India itself. Keeping this thing in mind, we have set the most affordable rates for Indian food items available at our restaurant, and everyone can easily spend on our food items with their family, friends, partner, or any other. 

End Thoughts

Delhi6 is known as the best restaurant to have Indian food in Perth, and the above reasons are more than enough to justify this. There are few chances for you to experience all of the above elements in a single restaurant, which makes it all the easier to convince you to try delicious Indian food available at Delhi6.

authentic Indian restaurant in Canning Vale

Best Authentic Indian Restaurant in Canning Vale Australia For Desi Food Lovers

India is a huge country comprising different languages, people, religions, and several regions. A thing that diversifies India at its best would be the very famous Indian food. No matter what region you live in or visit, you will always find a particular Desi food dish at that place that is famous all over India, including foreign countries. 

The love for Desi food has always been around and seems never to vanish in the future. Despite being the specialty of Indian nations, you can easily find India’s Desi food dishes all over the world in Indian food restaurants. However, not every restaurant can deliver you the authenticity of Desi Indian dishes as Delhi 6. 

When it comes to Desi food, no food restaurant can showcase to you the versatility of Desi Indian food as the experienced chefs at Delhi 6 can. To make it more convincing, we have rounded up some points that you can go through. 

Reasons for trying Desi food at Delhi 6

Our experienced chefs

Every Indian food is made up of a mix of spices that ends up providing the best taste. However, things are a bit different with Desi food items as there is no particular spice course to them. All one needs is the required experience with mixing up spices that our team of chefs is fully capable of. Our chefs hold the expertise to deliver you the aroma of Desi food similar to that you would’ve tasted on the Indian streets. 

Appetizing nature

Every food item, if prepared with love and care, can deliver you with a taste you won’t forget. Our pro-chefs give all the attention required while preparing food, and the taste of food they end up with seems to be incomparable. Our chefs can make sure that they get your mouth watery just by the smell of our Desi food.

We keep your health in mind

A thing that we would never want for our customers is them getting sick just by having our food. For example, let’s take chole bhature that no Indian can neglect eating, but a few do due to being health conscious. However, there is no such thing with our food items, and you can get your tummies full without any worries for your health.

100% vegetarian

There can be thousands of people who avoid visiting Indian food restaurants due to the non-veg food. There are some restaurants that make food in the same utensils as that for non-veg. However, there is no such thing at Delhi-6 as we serve 100% vegetarian food, and you can visit us anytime you want to get served with the deliciousness of Desi Indian food. 

Final Thoughts

The love for Desi Indian food is likely to stay with us forever, no matter what country we are living in. Keeping this thing in mind, we provide delicious Desi Indian food suiting your taste and preference at the best authentic Indian restaurant in Canning Vale– Delhi 6.