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Indian sweets in Perth

Unique Indian Sweets, You Must Try At Least Once in Perth

The two most prominent Indian flavors that would last forever on your taste buds are spiciness and sweetness. Indian spices and herbs can change the flavor of any dish in seconds and the Indian sweets will melt into your heart endlessly. 

Today, our talk is going to be towards the sweet end of the taste buds, and we will discuss some of the most loved Indian sweets in Perth

Gulab Jamun

Your meal would be incomplete without a dessert and there could have been no better option than Gulab Jamun when it comes to Indian cuisine. The word Gulab means roses and Jamun is for berries. Gulab jamun is like balls dipped in sweet Rosewater. These balls are made of semolina and khoya(milk solids) and then dipped into a super sweet sugar syrup.

Ladoo (or Laddu)

Ladoo is another delicious sweet from India which is loved by everyone all around the globe. These are spherical and made of gram flour generally or sometimes semolina. These are made in a spherical shape with hands. Chopped dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, etc are also added for garnishing. 


Jalebi is another popular sweet dish originating from India and is very popular in West and South Asia, and Africa. A batter of maida is created which is then fried in hot oil in a circular or helical motion. After frying, these pieces are soaked in a saffron sugar syrup and give you Jalebi, which is also said to be the national sweet of India. 

They are usually served hot but people also like to try its crazy combination with Rabdi (chilled condensed milk) as well. Ghee, maida, saffron, and sugar are the common ingredients used for making it.


Barfi is another milk-based sweet which is loved by all. The main ingredients are milk and sugar only. There are varieties available in the types of barfi also and the most preferred ones are Kaju (Cashew) barfi and Pista (Pistachios) barfi. A lot of experimenting in terms of flavors has even led to chocolate barfi, besan barfi, etc. A silver edible foil on the barfi is generally noticed and is quite similar to the cherry on the cake.


Rasmalai is another popular Indian sweet in Perth originating from Bengal. It is a special sweet dish served cold. Rasmalai consists of sweet cottage cheese balls made of chenna (or paneer) soaked in flavored milk with cinnamon and garnished with dry fruits. Paneer is kneaded to become softer to give a round shape. These balls are cooked in flavored milk until it gets a slightly thick and creamy texture. The main ingredients are paneer, semolina, cream, milk, and sugar.

Rasgulla (rosogolla) 

Rasgulla or rosogolla are also said to have their origin in West Bengal and Odisha. Similar to Rasmalai, they are made with paneer or semolina, and sugar syrup. The difference is due to the sugar syrup which is not made using milk, or cream. They are very spongy in texture and white in color.

Bottom Line

One will get to enjoy a very rich and delicious taste when it comes to Indian sweets in Perth. These are only a few of the numerous unique sweets existing in Indian cuisine. Another unique point to notice in all these sweets is that though they are all sweets their taste, level of sweetness and flavors all are varied from each other. 

Indian cuisine is a combination of different regional dishes and delicacies which can be easily made out from the taste of these sweets as well.