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Chinese restaurant in Canning Vale

Best Restaurant to Eat Chinese Food in Canning Vale

If you are looking for the best Chinese restaurant in Canning Vale, Delhi 6 is the only restaurant where you get top-quality authentic Chinese dishes. Wherever you go in the world, you get a Chinese meal on every street corner. At Delhi 6, each dish is focused on the balance between the aroma, appearance and taste. 

Here, we always use fresh vegetables such as water chestnuts, mushrooms, tofu, bamboo and many more. You can’t resist the diversified sauces, spicy seasonings, and strong sauces like five-spice powder, fish sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce and many more. 

  1. Don’t Forget to Taste an Irresistible Dim sum. 

Dim Sums are the most loved northeast Chinese food item worldwide, especially across the northern Indian region. But here at Delhi 6, we focus on delivering the fresh sizzles, small bite-size dim sums filled with meat chunks and smokie veggies. This perfectly steamed snack is a perfect meal to delight your taste buds and break your evening food cravings. 

  1. Szechuan Chilli Chicken 

We offer the fiery delight to impress your taste buds. Delhi 6 is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Canning Vale that offer Chinese food vibrancy for Chinese food lovers. Szechuan chilli chicken is the most appreciable fiery spices dish containing the bomb of green chilies, ginger, red chilies, brown pepper and white pepper. The dish is cooked with oriental Chinese spices that add extra spicy delight and make your day rocking. 

  1. Hot and Sour Soups 

In pleasant weather, how about enjoying the extremely hot bowl of soup? Delhi 6 restaurant offers the exclusive range of hot and sour soups and broth. The hot and sour soups here are made with the goodness of fresh vegetables like cabbage, mushrooms, carrot with a twist of white, red pepper and vinegar. 

Piping hot and sour soups during winter or chill evenings can make you relax and enjoy the evening delight at the same time. 

  1. Stir-Fried Tofu and Rice

A sizzling yet simple stir fry platter of tofu and rice cooked in the Chinese oriental sauces and flavored spices is all you need. This could be your wholesome meal. 

The Bottom Line 

Delhi 6 is amongst the famous Chinese restaurant in Canning Vale, where you get the whole range of Chinese dishes cooked by professional Chinese chefs. Our certified chefs are ready to create mouth-watering Chinese cuisines with a fresh stock of veggies and meat. It is not just a restaurant. Instead, it holds the Chinese culinary heritage on its own. 

authentic Indian restaurant in Perth

Best Authentic Indian Restaurant in Perth for Family Dinner

Wherever you travel around the world, people get to taste the authentic Indian flavors everywhere. So if you are finding the best authentic Indian restaurant in Perth, then here is the perfect option. 

Whether you want to taste the Tikka Masala, or butter chicken or any other authentic Indian curries dishes, you get everything at Delhi 6, an authentic Indian restaurant that makes your taste buds dance. So, let’s have a glimpse of this Indian restaurant’s qualities. 

  1. Perfect Ambience for Parties 

In this restaurant, you get all the modern Indian street-style foods and curry dishes. Aside from this, you get an endless list of Indian cocktails. You can try any of the street-style food menus. The menu of the restaurant is filled with authentic Indian dishes rich in Indian flavors. Plus, it provides you the perfect ambiance for parties to cherish special family moments. 

  1. Indian Contemporary Dishes 

Delhi 6, is an authentic Indian restaurant in Perth where you get contemporary Indian cuisines and where you get traditional Indian food made with traditional Indian cooking techniques. The restaurant provides traditional Indian food from history and has a beautiful blend of cultural diversity and Indian flavors. From traditional Indian “Dum Pukht Biryani” to special Indian spicy delights, Delhi 6 Restaurant will provide you with all the authentic flavors of India. 

authentic Indian restaurant in Perth
  1. Modern Twist of Flavors in Traditional Indian Dishes

If you want an authentic Indian restaurant in Perth for family dinner, Delhi 6 is the only name. For years, this Indian restaurant in Perth has been serving the best Indian dishes and has a great ambiance for family. From traditional style dal makhni to mouth-watering non-veg platter, and from lamb dishes to state specific traditional flavors, you get everything here. In addition, this restaurant provides the best Indian food at affordable rates. Here, you can get the most famous Indian dishes like Palak Paneer, Lamb Karahi and many more. Also, don’t forget to taste the endless variety of desserts. 

  1. Rajasthani Delight in Perth 

Whenever you have to find the best authentic Indian food, Delhi 6 always hits the top list. This restaurant’s menu is full of Indian spicy food and the most popular Indian dishes that you must try. You also get to relish on the famous Rajasthani dishes. 


There are plenty of Indian buffets and vegetarian dishes in this restaurant that give you a homely feeling. This incredible restaurant serves authentic Indian dishes that fill your soul and belly. 

Indian restaurant in Perth

Best Indian Restaurant in Perth for Desi-food Lovers

India is a diverse country in terms of culture and cuisine. India’s rich flavors have always been a source of pride for the country, and it has spread its wings around the globe, with Perth being no exception. 

The top Indian restaurant in Perth, Delhi 6, has been effectively realized and implemented for keeping Indian cuisines alive, no matter how far away from the original country. From head to toe, whether it is culture or food, India’s capital Delhi is the most famous state of Indian territories. The aroma of the most refined foods of the country pervades the old streets of Delhi, and this has been preserved in Perth by serving in the finest restaurants.

Perth has successfully established a paradise for food enthusiasts who wish to experience and taste every flavour of India by capturing the essence of Indian cuisine. As a country with many different flavors and ethnicities, India has a wide variety of foods to offer, which is precisely what the top Indian restaurant in Perth, Delhi 6 does.

Our dedication to providing excellent service has earned us the title of the best restaurant, and this has proven to be a valuable resource for us. Our aim and vision revolve around putting our clients’ comfort first by satisfying their Indian food demands and keeping India’s cuisine heritage alive in our restaurant. 

Here’s Why You Need to Pay Us a Visit:

1. Commitment: We promise to provide our customers with a rich and flavorful experience that will remind them of India by offering food made by one of Perth’s greatest chefs. We make every effort to put our customers first, and we excel at it.

2. Dedicated team of professionals: Every member of our founding team, from the chef to the waiter, has been carefully chosen to ensure that the service quality is not compromised. Our devoted serving crew ensures that each customer is treated with respect and receives the most exemplary possible service. We’ve hand-picked a team of chefs that are experts at infusing Indian flavors.

3. Delectable flavour: Our team of skilled chefs brings India to your plate by preparing dishes that are beloved by all citizens. We’ve succeeded in preserving Indian cuisines across international borders, and as a result, we own Perth’s best Indian restaurant.

So visit Delhi 6, and satisfy your desi hunger pangs.

Indian food in Canning vale

Delhi6sweets- Best Indian dining experience in Perth

Everyone usually looks for the best dining experience along with world-class quality food, which can make the whole celebration go well. So, if you live in Perth and have a craving for Indian food and exceptional dining experience, it can only be offered by Delhi6, an authentic Indian restaurant.

It is one of the most eminent eateries in Perth and we think the success of the whole celebration depends upon two things: food and dining experience. So, over the years, we have catered the best experience to our esteemed clients in the best possible way. 

Now the question arises of what Delhi6 is offering to their customers that makes us exceptional. Let’s find out.

High-quality food

Delhi6 serves Indian food in Canning vale with high standard in food quality and always ensures that every guest who comes to the restaurant gets the same and incomparable quality in every meal. 

This is why we have earned a lot of name and fame, which also compels guests to return for repeated visits.

Excellent dining experience

Food is the one factor that makes Delhi6 extraordinary, but it is also remarkable if you talk about the dining experience. When guests enter the restaurant, they feel like entering heaven.

Apart from that, the staff of Delhi6 is so polite and professional that you will love to come again and again

The bottom line

Delhi6 is the best destination for Indian sweets and Indian cuisine that is the core of India for several occasions. We have designed our menus to meet the expectations of the clients while guaranteeing excellent and mouth-watering food.

So, get ready to dig the best Indian food at Canning Vale at Delhi6 and enjoy your best time with friends and family.

Indian Food In Canning Vale

Indian Food in Canning Vale – Delhi6 Sweets and Savories

A memorable occasion is all about the striking decoration and tasty cuisines. But when it comes to desi wedding, sweets & savories become the main attraction for all. Any typical traditional Indian wedding gets its real grace from these exotic delicacies, the value of which burst into hues of the festival. 

There’s no wonder that such occasions appear tasteless to those who have their roots deeply connected with the desi vibes. If they don’t get the desi crunch in a foreign nation like Australia, the entire festive event or occasion turns meaningless. After all, the celebration gets its elegance from sweets and better than an Indian, no one can define it in words.

Therefore instead of feeling down about the season, you should make a smart move and place your order for Indian food in Canning Vale

Delhi 6 restaurant brought you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite delicacies that are ready to enhance the charm of any moment you wish to enjoy with your friends or family. 

Why only Delhi 6 Restaurant?

Delhi 6 isn’t just a restaurant that is limited to catering services, but it is home to foodies who share their emotions and feelings through their delicious cookings. Yes, the staff here is supposed to be in love with their food and wants you to do the same. Indeed, the food is so tasty that you’ll find it hard to resist falling in love with Delhi 6. The place is best known for the following services- 

  • Wedding catering
  • Birthday parties
  • Business dinners
  • Catering for custom events
  • Office parties etc. 

If you aspire to spice up the grace of that traditional occasion, there’s no surprise that you must pay a visit to Delhi 6 restaurant. It is the only destination for foodies and sweets lovers where varieties are endless, that reflect through the dramatic cuisines served at Delhi 6.

The staff at Delhi 6 is experienced. Their profession is backed by desi vibes that they share through their work. Whenever your mood wants you to enjoy Indian food in Canning Vale, explore Delhi 6 and discover your desi crunch.