Vegetarian And Vegan Options At Indian Restaurants In Canning Vale

Indian restaurant in Canning Vale

Indian ethos, its welcoming people, and its old-time beauty are famed all over the world. The vegan Indian diet is one of the most popular ones in India. From rich flavors to aromatic spices, Indian cuisine offers a wide range of dishes. In this blog, let’s find out more.

Here Are The Top Vegan Indian Foods

Indian restaurants in Canning Vale offer some tasty vegan Indian food dishes:

Masala Dosa

The fame of this dish has been growing for some time. Originally, it was a part of Tuluva Mangalorean cuisine. Dosas are thin and crispy and originate from the South. Dosa can be made by mixing fermented rice with lentils. Potatoes, curry leaves, and methi makes up the dosa filling, which adds even more flavor. It would be a great choice any day to eat this vegan Indian food item.

Aloo Gobi

Aloo gobi is a favorite and best Indian dish with cauliflower and potatoes. Some spices that give a warm flavor are turmeric, cumin, and coriander. A mix of onions, potatoes, and cauliflower is cooked till tender and then mixed and heated with ginger, garlic, onion powder and extra chilli. There are a number of vitamins and fibers in this dish.

Dal Makhani

Every home in India usually prepares dal almost every day. Vegans will love the vegan version of this dish. To make non-dairy Dal Makhani like the ones served in cafes, simply replace kidney beans with black beans. One of the many dal curry varieties growing in fame is Dal Makhani. This dish is rich in protein since black lentils and red kidney beans are combined.


Meatballs are called koftas. Nevertheless, vegetarian and vegan kofta varieties are common in India.

A vegan kofta often includes lentils, potatoes, or mixed vegetables. Curry or gravy usually accompanies kofta. Vegan gravy can be substituted for creamy gravy.

Final Words

These are some of the top Indian Vegetarian and vegan options available. It is wise to reach Delhi 6, an Indian restaurant in Canning Vale. You will surely love the vegan food variety.

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