Making Indian Sweets At Home: Simple Recipes And Cooking Tips

Undoubtedly, Indian sweets are usually made with gentle ingredients like nuts, sugar, flour, legumes, and milk. However, each one of the sweets has different tastes and is improved with the addition of classic ingredients of India.

Most of the Indian sweets in Perth are cooked on the stovetop; thus, they have a good taste in comparison to baked sweets. Here are some of the Indian sweets which you can easily make at home.

Some Simple Recipes To Try

Besan Ladoo

One of the most famous Indian sweets during the festive time is besan laddoo. You just require ghee, sugar, and gram flour to make these lovely and mouth-watering balls. Try this easy recipe, and you will not be disappointed.

Carrot Burfi (Carrot Fudge)

Carrot burfi is a next-level version of traditional carrot Halwa. In this recipe, grated carrots are cooked in flavored milk before being sautéed with almond flour for a fudge-like texture.

Indian Milk Balls

Another popular sweet in India is gulab jamun or Indian Milk balls. This dessert is often in the shape of small balls and is classically made using khoya, sugar, flour, and Indian spices.

Dried milk solids also called khoya are used in it and are commonly available in northern India. It can be very hard to find outside the nation; therefore, many people like to make gulab jamun with dried milk powder.

This milk ball shape is like small berries dipped in the rose flavor of sticky syrup. Its flavor is improved with the addition of lime juice, paneer, and cardamom powder. It is important that the inside of the Indian milk balls is moist and the outside is ultra-smooth. 

Kesar Elaichi Shrikhand

There’s nothing better than Shrikhand, a sweet and cool Indian dessert. Kesar Elaichi Shrikhand has creamy smooth yogurt mixed with sugar, cardamom, saffron, and pistachios. 

Final words

These are some of the top and simple sweet desserts you can make easily at home without any trouble. However, if you face any issues making them home, reach Delhi 6 to enjoy Indian sweets in Perth.

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