Lassi: The Refreshing Indian Drink

Canning Vale Indian restaurant

Lassi is a popular traditional Indian drink which is being relished for centuries. Its refreshing, cooling and creamy flavor makes it the perfect drink to beat the summer heat. Lassi is prepared from a blend of yogurt, water, dry fruits and some flavors. Lassi is not just a delicious beverage but also has numerous health benefits to offer.

Delhi 6, Canning Vale Indian restaurant serves premium quality Indian lassi which will take you on a gastronomical ride of India. Let’s explore the different types of lassi available at Delhi 6 to satisfy your taste- buds:

1. Mango Lassi:

Mango Lassi is a delightful blend of the goodness of yogurt with the luscious sweetness of the king of fruits i.e. mango. The vibrant yellow hue with the tropical aroma of mango, makes this variation of lassi an irresistible treat. It has a smooth creamy texture, the natural sweetness of mangoes which balance the tanginess of the yogurt. The garnishing of cardamom or saffron offers a tropical escape served in your glass.

2. Sweet Lassi:

Sweet Lassi is a popular sweetened variation of the classic plain lassi. It is prepared from the blend of yogurt, water, sugar with a hint of rose water and cardamom. The tanginess of the yogurt is balanced by the sweetness of the sugar which results in a harmonious flavor. It is garnished with a hint of ground pistachios or almonds which add a crunchy twist to every sip.

3. Salty Lassi:

Salty Lassi offers a savory twist to the classic lassi. It is prepared by blending yogurt, water with a pinch of salt which creates a refreshing and tangy drink. It is a popular choice during hot summer days as it helps in replenishing the lost electrolytes and aid in digestion. Salty Lassi may also include additional ingredients like cumin powder, mint leaves or black salt which enhances the savory taste of the drink.

Lassi with the versatile flavors and cooling properties is a beloved Indian beverage. Whether you desire the sweet lassi with the tangy sweetness, the salty lassi with the savory tanginess, the mango lassi with the tropical sweetness or the classic plain lassi, every variation has a unique taste. Lassi not only serves as a delicious thirst quencher but also nourishes the body with the essential nutrients and probiotics of yogurt. So, the next time when you crave a refreshing cool drink, consider trying our bestseller Lassi and engage in the traditional authentic taste of India’s rich culinary heritage.

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