Best Authentic Indian Restaurant in Perth for Family Dinner

authentic Indian restaurant in Perth

Wherever you travel around the world, people get to taste the authentic Indian flavors everywhere. So if you are finding the best authentic Indian restaurant in Perth, then here is the perfect option. 

Whether you want to taste the Tikka Masala, or butter chicken or any other authentic Indian curries dishes, you get everything at Delhi 6, an authentic Indian restaurant that makes your taste buds dance. So, let’s have a glimpse of this Indian restaurant’s qualities. 

  1. Perfect Ambience for Parties 

In this restaurant, you get all the modern Indian street-style foods and curry dishes. Aside from this, you get an endless list of Indian cocktails. You can try any of the street-style food menus. The menu of the restaurant is filled with authentic Indian dishes rich in Indian flavors. Plus, it provides you the perfect ambiance for parties to cherish special family moments. 

  1. Indian Contemporary Dishes 

Delhi 6, is an authentic Indian restaurant in Perth where you get contemporary Indian cuisines and where you get traditional Indian food made with traditional Indian cooking techniques. The restaurant provides traditional Indian food from history and has a beautiful blend of cultural diversity and Indian flavors. From traditional Indian “Dum Pukht Biryani” to special Indian spicy delights, Delhi 6 Restaurant will provide you with all the authentic flavors of India. 

authentic Indian restaurant in Perth
  1. Modern Twist of Flavors in Traditional Indian Dishes

If you want an authentic Indian restaurant in Perth for family dinner, Delhi 6 is the only name. For years, this Indian restaurant in Perth has been serving the best Indian dishes and has a great ambiance for family. From traditional style dal makhni to mouth-watering non-veg platter, and from lamb dishes to state specific traditional flavors, you get everything here. In addition, this restaurant provides the best Indian food at affordable rates. Here, you can get the most famous Indian dishes like Palak Paneer, Lamb Karahi and many more. Also, don’t forget to taste the endless variety of desserts. 

  1. Rajasthani Delight in Perth 

Whenever you have to find the best authentic Indian food, Delhi 6 always hits the top list. This restaurant’s menu is full of Indian spicy food and the most popular Indian dishes that you must try. You also get to relish on the famous Rajasthani dishes. 


There are plenty of Indian buffets and vegetarian dishes in this restaurant that give you a homely feeling. This incredible restaurant serves authentic Indian dishes that fill your soul and belly. 

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